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Online security through Protect My WebSite

Protect your data by scanning them daily or weekly against any form of malware

Reduce the risk of getting into blacklists due to security issues at your account level. Solve security issues before affecting your online presence.

  • Securitate online prin Protect My WebSite

Online security through Protect My WebSite

A common concern in the online environment is data security. A malicious person has a relatively large number of possibilities to try unauthorized access to an account, ranging from exploiting vulnerabilities in the applications installed in your account to password access theft. If security at the server level is provided by our team, account security is a complex issue because it involves applications and people over whom it is not always possible to impose strict security policies.

Protect My WebSite service is a suite of applications (some developed in-house by the HostX team) that work together to identify any kind of end-user account security issues in the shortest possible time (often in real time) . The service does not just perform a simple antivirus scan; Checks are extended to any form of malware that can run in your account, regardless of the programming language in which the application is written.

Protect My WebSite service is available in 2 variants:

  • Protect My WebSite Standard Edition - weekly scan of your account - free service, active for all Linux shared or reseller hosting accounts, regardless of subscription type.
  • Protect My WebSite Premium Edition - real-time scanning of files that are uploaded to your account (1 euro / month + VAT) - service available on demand for any shared hosting account or for any account created under a Linux reseller subscription. If security issues are detected, you will be notified by email.

In order to benefit from Premium service, please order any of the subscriptions: L START SSD, L1 SSD, L2 SSD, L3 SSD and tick the options box "Protect My WebSite Premium Edition". For any questions please let us know and contact us.