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Server administration / VPS management / dedicated server -

We manage any server running a Linux or Windows operating system.

We ensure the security and availability of your server 24x7. Quick interventions to resolve all issues of your VPS or server.

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Server Administration / VPS management / dedicated server

Security, stability and speed.

Regardless of the technologies used by the customer, ensuring their performance and stability require exceptional monitoring, maintenance and qualifications.

In the case of small and medium businesses, the only viable solution to maintain uptime at a higher level, is to ensure the security and availability of software services and to use an external management solution (maintenance / administration) of the server / VPS used.

Standard administration
with just
29 €
Advanced Management
with just
99 €


Prices do not include VAT. Payment is made in RON, at the NBR euro exchange rate. The minimum contractual period is 6 months, except for subscriptions that include Standard Management Services. For servers managed by the HostX team, the root / administrator access rights will not be transferred to the client.

For questions about the services we offer or if you need services tailored to certain situations / projects, please let us know and contact us.