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Backup / Disaster Recovery with R1Soft

Protect your data against disasters with an automatic backup system!

Direct access to the backup system from any location. Fast "Bare-Metal" Disaster Recovery

  • Backup with R1Soft / Idera with

Protect your data against disasters with an automatic backup system

Protect your data against disasters with an automatic backup system

R1Soft CDP Backup is a centralized storage (RAID 6 hardware) data storage solution for secure data storage. The system is managed through specialized software that controls the entire backup process, from saving the data to verifying its integrity.

Idera protects your data by replicating and synchronizing it repeatedly, storing a number of restore points (full images), as required.

The backup process saves your operating system, your applications, and generally any file stored on the server that you back up. In addition, Idera / R1Soft enables Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery technology to easily restore information stored in the backup system without requiring the server to be upgraded (eg re-installing the operating system).

Why the R1Soft / Idera Backup System?

  • Increased safety: Frequently, it is customary to keep a copy of the data on a secondary disk on the same server. R1Soft / Idera uses a dedicated, independent storage that will remain accessible even if the source server is offline.

  • Fast data recovery: You can only restore just a few files using the R1Soft management interface or restore an entire server using Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery technology.

  • Maximum performance: R1Soft / Idera delivers a fast, sector-wide backup with minimal impact on normal server performance, even for high traffic servers.

  • Incrementally fast backup: Each backup task will only copy the sectors that have been modified. The time required for the backup task can be reduced to a few minutes.

  • Backup for open files: R1Soft / Idera saves open files or modified. All files will be included in the backup task each time.

  • Maximum security: All data are encrypted during transfer from your server to the R1Soft / Idera storage so as to be protected against unauthorized access.