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Cloudflare CDN and Railgun

Exceptional speed for your web using a global distribution caching system;

Protection against computer attacks ( DDOS). Caching for any type of content using Railgun.

  • CloudFlare CDN and Railgun

CloudFlare CDN (Content Distribution Network) - global acceleration for your site

CloudFlare CDN (Content Distribution Network)

CDN (Content Distribution Network) is a protection / security and acceleration system available to any website hosted on HostX servers.

Once your CDN is enabled, your site's traffic will be routed through a global network of servers. Servers are located in locations in Europe (including Romania), North America and Asia. Advantages will be immediately visible: faster access speeds regardless of the location of visitors to your website and increased security by filtering cyber attacks.

  • Global HTTP acceleration - A global network of servers keeps the static files on your website and automatically serves them from the closest node to the visitor.
  • It does not need to be configured - you do not need to invest time to choose what files to be cached. CloudFlare technology automatically detects static objects.
  • Protection against traffic spike - CDN technology acts as a buffer that will absorb the effects of a sudden increase in traffic
  • suports IPv6
  • Uptime 99,999% - CDN technology does not allow network node problems to affect others, and in the event the traffic problem persists will be routed automatically to the other nodes on the network
  • Protection against computer attacks - CDN technology allows filtering of cross-site scripting attacks, SQL injection, SPAM comments, robot and DDOS emails collection.


Railgun - origin network optimizer

Railgun provides data transfer between the host / host server and the Cloudflare network at full speed.

Railgun Is a web optimization technology provided by Cloudflare to increase up to 200% the delivery speed of pages that traditionally can not be placed in a caching system (such as the home page of a news website).

Cloudflare typically stores 65% of the resources of a web page in its own cache. The remaining 35% is generally content that can not be cached because it is dynamically generated or is marked as "non cache". These 35% are mostly the initial HTML of the web page.

Railgun Increases the delivery speed of these 35% by opening a secure connection between Cloudflare and HostX networks. The HTML of a web page generally does not change much from one request to another and instead of transferring the entire HTML, Railgun will only transfer the HTML code differences.

How much does Railgun cost?
Cloudflare offers this service to direct customers in a minimum subscription of $ 200 / month. As a result of HostX's partnership with Cloudflare and Optimized Partner status, Railgun is available for free to all HostX customers who have a shared or reseller hosting subscription, a dedicated or VPS server.