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What is an SSL certificate?
What is an SSL certificate used for?

SSL is the abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a security standard / protocol and was developed by Netscape in 1994. Its use is easily identifiable due to a small padlock (in graphic form) that appears in the browser.

The SSL protocol is used by millions of businesses who want to protect their customers by ensuring the confidentiality of their transactions. For SSL, a web server needs an SSL certificate provided by a business certification authority or a self-generated SSL certificate (but which can only be used in a company's internal development environment).

Why an SSL certificate?

Security: The purpose of an SSL certificate is to secure the connection between the user (browser) and the server so that the information transferred between the browser and the server can not be intercepted.

Identification: The second purpose is to identify the domain or organization that supports a particular domain so that the user accessing that site is certain that it was not diverted to an unwanted site (another web domain), possibly with negative intent. Browsers automatically check if certificates are signed by a recognized certification authority and notify the user if validation fails.

  • What does domain-level validation mean?

  • In case of domain-level validation, it is checked whether the SSL certificate owner is the domain owner. Such an SSL certificate has a very good encryption level but a lower level of user confidence. Domain-level SSL certificates are recommended for secure blogs or presentation sites.
  • What does organization-level validation mean?

  • Organizational level validation is a complex process that verifies the organization behind the domain name to provide a higher level of trust for your customers.
    An SSL certificate with organization level validation is recommended for e-commerce sites and sites that collect private information.

  • What does the extended validation process mean?

  • Extended SSL SSL certificates will color the browser's address bar in green, providing a high level of confidence for the user. The complex process of validating the organization contributes to the increase of trust.
    This kind of certificates almost completely eliminates the possibility of phishing fraud.