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Privacy policy

InsideMedia is registered in the Register of Personal Data Processing with no. 16325

We respect the confidentiality of our customer information. We do not censor, block or monitor the information transmitted from / to our clients' web sites

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Privacy policy

HostX respects the confidentiality of customer information, and has developed a set of policies and procedures to protect this information.

Policies and procedures for managing customer informations HostX customer information management policies and procedures take into account the fact that Internet technologies are evolving, and Internet business development methods are closely related to these technologies. As a result, these policies and procedures can be changed at any time.


1. What kind of information does HostX collect?

For web hosting services, HostX collects, stores, and uses information that can be viewed as private. Some of this information - such as your business name, address, phone number, bank account, etc. - are provided by customers to establish a relationship based on legal or billing framework. Other information - account status, service offered, logs - are created and maintained by HostX for normal business activity. HostX can use cookies to store information in the client's computer.

Refusing to provide us with this data makes it impossible HostX (InsideMedia SRL) to collaborate with you.

In the case of individuals, according to Law no. 677/2001, you have the right to access, to interfere with the data, the right not to be subject to an individual decision and the right to appeal to the courts. At the same time, you have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and to request the deletion of the data. For the exercise of these rights, you may address us with a written request, dated and signed to the Sales Dept. at Contact page.


2. Data security

HostX Will protect the confidentiality of the information about its customers, their accounts, and personal communications within the limits of the technologies, existing equipment and resources of HostX and in accordance with existing laws with the interests of HostX , HostX partners, HostX customers and customers under the current Romanian legislation.


3. How are the information provided by customers used?

HostX will not sell, rent or offer free of charge information about its customers to third parties. In the cases provided by law, HostX May provide this information to the authorities. HostX reserves the right to use this information to inform its customers of new products and services, upgrades within the network, etc..


4.Changing customer information

Customers can modify this information by sending a request to Sales Department.


5. Do we respect the confidentiality of information on sites to which HostX provides links?

HostX may provide links to partner sites or other sites. These sites may have data privacy policies other than those required by HostX . HostX assumes no responsibility for the privacy policy of these sites.

HostXWill not censor, block or monitor the information transmitted from / to its clients' sites, unless the customer has violated Terms of use.