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Collocation in the GTS data center

A high performance TIER 3 data center in Bucharest. New equipment, replaced every 3 years.

Top features for equipment protection. DDOS protectionfor HostX clients N+1 Redundancy for power and air conditioning. SLA 99,99%.


  • Colocare in centrul de date GTS -

Data Center

What is a data center and why is it necessary?

A data center is a physical location that hosts a large number of specialized computers (servers). Servers can be used for various activities, ranging from simple storage / archiving of information (backup) to web hosting, banking, online payments, education or any other activity requiring Internet access.

A data center provides facilities such as physical security of equipment, temperature control, redundant power supply, increased earthquake resistance, redundant Internet connections.

The importance of a data center is for many people or businesses to carry out; As well as data protection and availability of the service. The qualification of the data center staff is extremely important for solving any problems that require equipment intervention or blocking of certain types of computer attacks.


Internet connections and redundant power supply

Unlike unmanaged office equipment, in a data center, servers have redundancy for 2 very important resources: electricity (through their own diesel generators) and Internet access. So if power is interrupted or Internet connectivity is inadequate, there are alternatives that ensure the normal operation of all equipment until the problem is resolved.


Where are HostX equipment collocated

Most of our equipment is located in the GTS data center (Bucharest). Depending on our clients' needs, we also manage servers in other data centers.


Physical security of the equipment

The GTS data center limits people's access to magnetic cards or fingerprints. In addition, the equipment and access to it is video monitored 24x7.


Protection against earthquakes

The GTS data center is located in a specially built building with increased earthquake resistance (over 8 degrees on the Richter scale).


Fire protection

GTS data center uses gas fire extinguishing systems to prevent damage of equipment in case of an incident.